Being Among Horses

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom. Sharon Ralls Lemon


Being Among Horses

In their eyes shine stars of wisdom and courage to guide men to the heavens. Jodie Mitchell


 Your Horse Partners

All horses and other equines are sentient beings with feelings, thoughts, emotions, memories, and empathetic abilities. At our farm, our horses are active partners which can evoke emotions in humans who work with and around them. It is imperative that all sessions are conducted to be mutually beneficial for all parties especially our horse partners).

Horses make great partners because they can mirror and respond to human behavior. Being that they are a herd animal, they rely on an acute stream of sensory data to sense safety or danger; and amazingly, they can hear the human heartbeat within four feet.  Research on heart-rate variability indicates that horses have a profound ability to synchronize their own heartbeat with that of human beings.  It is imperative that all sessions are conducted to be mutually beneficial for all parties especially our horse partners).

Our Services

Our team is accustomed to working with horses in many ways – horse therapy, horse transportation and horse rescue.


Our equine assisted therapy or activities are set up to help find your hidden qualities such as paying attention to detail; sharing space and responsibility, being aware of what is happening around you, understanding what your horse is communicating to you, trust, empathy and compassion in the context of the horse/human relationship and horsemanship skills.
Our activities are designed to be safe and effective and to assist you to meet your goals while respecting your relationship with horses. All activities begin with you checking in with your body and emotions and end with activities where your self-realisation is discovered.


We do offer door to door horse transportation throughout Canada and the US upon request. We have over 30 years of transportation experience as professional drivers and horse handlers. We are commercially insured and licensed and a leading provider of Cross Border Horse Transportation with a good understanding of what the requirements are for USA and Canadian Customs documents and procedures.


Many of our horses have been rescued, and we endeavour to educate people how to be responsible if they choose to go down the path of rescuing horses. The awareness and acceptance in society of horse therapy presents a wonderful opportunity for facilities such as ours to offer equine activities which contribute to the important need in humans but to also increase revenue to support the horses with feed, veterinary bills, farrier bills, etc.

Horses are our heartbeat, they are majestic creatures who deserve their place in our world and should be treated with respect for who they are. Many horses are subject to human abuse and it can take a lot of patience and effort for these horses to truly trust humans as a result of the inhuman treatment they have received.

A Gift to Yourself

Allow yourself to experience all the relaxing sounds around horses from the sounds of their hooves to their nicker. These experiences with horses will allow you to enter the mystical and healing world of horses. These amazing creatures are non-judgemental and unbiased and they can make you more aware of yourself as they have the tendency to mirror your behaviour, physical movements and emotions.

Humans can really benefit from horses’ sentience:

  • By experiencing a sense of calm and peace with a lower heart rate and improved breathing especially if you have PTSD, anxiety or depression
  • By learning to be able to calm down and breath in a stressed environment
  • By learning to improve our own senses and to interpret what we sense in our personal and professional lives
  • By learning to develop a sense of belonging in the community especially if our lifestyle is full of stress
  • By helping us to commit to a path of personal development through truth-telling
  • By exerting their mysticism, beauty and power to help us step forward and claim them based on our imagination

Being among horses will allow you to ‘feel connected with yourself’.